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How To Serve Your Mobile Customers To Drive Sales

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"Americans are spending more time within mobile apps and less within mobile browsers." In 2017 the average US adult will spend 2 hours 25 minutes per day using mobile apps a jump of 10.3% over last year and slightly higher than previously forecast. That means time spent with mobile apps will reach 19.9% of average daily total media time this year." According eMarketer principal analyst Cathy Boyle..."American consumers spend the bulk of their app time conducting five activities:
  • Listening to digital audio
  • Social Networking
  • Gaming
  • Video viewing
  • Messaging more...
There are several reasons why every small, medium based business should have an app for the service they are providing.
  1. You are visible to your customer at all times.
  2. It creates a direct form of marketing with your users.
  3. It helps to provided added value to your customer based.
  4. It helps you build brand recognition with your customers.
  5. Improve Customer Engagement
  6. It helps you stand above your competition.
  7. It creates loyal customers.
How to Serve Your Mobile Customers

There are so many advertisement that the average person sees on a daily basis, whether it would be bill boards as they drive by, on buses and shelters, on their Facebook feed, searching the internet, emails. It's a lot of space to compete with, so when you try to advertise you're going to slowly begin to lose the impact with your customers. Now, if  your customers have your app on their phone, you don't need to compete with anyone, you have your own space on their phone. So, when you are running an offer, you don't have to rely on them looking at your Facebook page or visit your website, to see your offer. The best way to serve your mobile customers is to provide value to the customers by creating sort of a direct marketing connection, to improve customer engagement.

Responsive Mobile Website

The first step is to make sure your website is mobile ready and easy to use on all mobile devices. We have seen a major shift from desktops and laptops to mobile devices. So to the grab a share of the market is to create a responsive website, your customers will enjoy a seamless experience on your website and this will potentially increase sales and conversions. 

Mobile Apps

Having a mobile app for your company is another great way to serve your mobile customers. Businesses with various types of products and services are reaping the benefits of having a mobile app. "Your business should not be left behind". Companies like Starbucks, McDonalds use their mobile apps to offer rewards to their app users. They can allow in-app purchasing, messaging, contest, coupons and much more. It also can help with branding recognition with your customers.

Mobile Engagement

Now that you have mobile ready website and mobile app, your next step how to engage your users. . When someone installs a mobile on their phone, you are visible to your customers at all times, it creates a direct form of marketing and you have many different options from general information about your business prices, loyalty cards and coupons. If you also run a blog you can publish your latest blog feed onto your app. One of the biggest benefits if all is that you can contact your customers directly to their mobile phone instantly with special promotions that you're running.

Our Small Business Mobile App Directory

Just like Yelp or the Yellow Pages, you can located any businesses, movies, shopping malls, point of interest. Consider Small Business Mobile App Directory in the same context.

Within the app your customers will have right at their finger tips. We are in the Google Play Store. Click Here!

  • Featured Businesses
  • Banners
  • Shop Local by Area or Business
  • Your Social Sites (Facebook, Twitter, Website, Call Us, Email, Description/Profile
  • Point of Interest (Entertainment, Events, Movies)
  • Weekly Ads & Discounts (Your Business Promotions, Coupons. Loyalty Cards)
  • Foods/Recipes
  • Sports & Contest (Giveaways)
  • Customer Help Desk
  • Promotions on all our Social Sites and Blog
  • Included in our online ads
  • Daily in-app messaging of all your promotions/deals, all this and more for a small monthly fee. 
  • In need of your own company mobile app, we can do that as well.
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Are Your Business Ready For the Mobile Era?

"Mobile is not the future, it is now. Meet your customers in the environment of their choice, not where it's convenient for you."-Cyndie Shaffstall

Push notifications are a key of any mobile marketing strategy. With push notification companies can re-engage with customers outside of an app, assist with conversions and loyalty campaigns and deliver long term results.

Most marketers are familiar with push notifications and mobile marketing channels. A push notification is a message sent to a device when an app is installed. Here we'll look at measures to ensure your push notification are a useful addition to your digital marketing initiatives.

It is essential that you get to know your mobile users. Customer data is essential. Individualization is key to the success of push notifications. These broad rules of push notifications will help you to always deliver something  of value to your customers.

People Sleep

Push notification are instant, when you press send, it sends! There in the morning is often when people are asleep, not waiting on a push about a sale about to start. Even if your customers loves your company, they probably won't enjoy a push as alarm clock experience. Tailor push notification to mobile user behaviors. This opens up avenues for targeting willing night owls or early birds with personalized messaging.

Deep Linking

Shorten the distance between message and action for your app user with deep linking. A deep link is a mechanism that brings a user to a specific page in your app. For example, breaking news alert can deliver users straight to the story page. In the same way a sale alert becomes far more beneficial when your user can get to the sale page with ease. If a customer gets to where they want to go in the first instance, they'll be happier to click-through on the second, third or fourth push. A deep link drives click through rates by sending customers to where they want to be.

Expire Times

Don't forget to assign an end time for a push campaign. For a push notification, you might decide to send a time-sensitive sale offer. You may have a sports app, where push notification need to coincide definitively with kick-off time. In a nutshell, if there is a time-sensitive offer, give it an end time and date and don't confuse your customer.

Frequency Limits

Everyone has a limit on mobile. Some customers might enjoy receiving 10 messages per day, some prefer one per week. Testing but not forcing frequency is a great way to keep on top of campaign management. Customers are less likely to opt-out for push, be aware of the volume too. Don't flood their device with messages on day one. Push and in-app campaigns aren't there to spam your users, they are there to inform and stimulate. Read more... Author: Cait Power: Personalizing Push Notifications: A Head Start to Your Mobile Marketing... Continue reading 

How to Keep your app users from dumping you...

Rejections stinks-especially after what you thought was a good first date. Yet in the world of marketing and apps, getting dumped is all to common. There has been a fundamental shift in the ways users think, as well as the way they engage, thanks to mobile.

Embrace individualization

People just want you to get to know them on an individual level. Individualized messages look beyond the simple 'hi, first name' greeting and consider your actions when using the app, as well as if you fit into a particular audience segment based on your profile attributes. What works for Sally may not work for Harry, but what is the same across the board is the desire to having an app experience tailored to you. Messages that include specific individualized content generate click through rates of 5 percent and average 3.5 sessions within the first week.

A good rule of thumb though, should be to not reach out unless you have something worthwhile to say. In mobile marketing, no news can be good news, and you don't want users to be desensitized to your messages.

Utilized segmented push messages

Once you have data about your users, you can build a strategy with push to deliver value at key moments. Our research shows that 52 percent of users see push as an 'annoying distraction' so keep your messages timely and relevant.

You'll find that your users engagement is strongest when you utilize segmented messages. We've seen an increase in the volume of segmented push messages, 75 percent of push notification are segmented, and just 25 percent are broadcast-that's news for app marketers who can see success in three important metrics: click-through rates, engagement and click-through conversion rates.

Send targeted in-app messages

Sending in-app messages leads to more engaged and loyal users. But marketers often overlook targeted in-app messages in favor of their strong counterpart, push messages. Read more...Author: Josh Todd: How do you hold onto users who are abandoning your mobile app? Continue reading...

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